Welcome to the KMD PlassData DVI Documentation Site.

The KMD PlassData DVI 6 - also known as the PlassData DVI System – is an IT system for the identification of victims of major accidents and disasters. The software offers state-of-the-art processing of the large number of data on missing persons and dead bodies resulting from a disaster.

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A new support handling system is currently being implemented. For now, please start a support request by sending a mail to dvi@plassdata.com.

How to get started

Notable New V6 Features

  • All-in-one file manager
  • Scrolling side-by-side file comparison
  • Extended dental comparison info
  • Pop-up of dental x-rays and diagnoses
  • Matching on multiple secondary identifiers
  • Simple DNA matching
  • Easier web-based self-service translation