Quick-Start Guide

New to KMD PlassData DVI System or upgrading from af previous version? Learn the basics by using this guide.

Connect to server

Connect to the server by using the server directions given by your local administrator.

Client devices and browsers


Use all modern browsers (Android, iOS etc.)

  • Chrome is the primary browser for testing
  • Windows is the primary desktop Operating System
  • iOS is the primary Tablet/Phone platform


Use multiple devices like desktop, tablet or mobile phones.
Please see below for expected experience:

  • Desktop: Full experience
  • Tablet: Full experience
  • Mobile phones: File search and create/edit


Open KMD PlassData 6 and login by using your local account (username and password) provided by your local administrator.


Welcome page

When logged in you will see the Welcome page.

Welcome page

Now either select the Victim tab in menu on the left hand side of the screen to see your initial options

Victim left menu

or click on the Create new files or the File Manager icon in the top menu at the top right of the screen

Top menu icons

File Manager

The File Manager manages the list of your files. In the File Manager you can for instance Create new files, Search for files, Manage notes, Manage attachments, Export and Import files, Print list of search results, Print forms etc.

File manager

To find the File Manager

  1. Select the Victim tab in the menu on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Select the View tab
  3. Select the File Manager tab

File manager left menu


  1. Click on the magnifier in the top menu

top menu magnifier

New File

To create a new file Click on the New file icon in the top menu

New file top menu

or Click the New file icon in the top menu of the File Manager

File manager new file

  1. Select File kind (AM, PM, PUI, FM)
  2. Select Operation
  3. Select Incident
  4. Type File number. NOTE: File kind, Operation and Incident must be selected before file number format is known.
  5. Choose Gender (Female, Male, Other or Unknown)
  6. Enter Name
  7. Enter Date of Birth
  8. Enter File expiry date
  9. Click Create file at the bottom right of the New file page.

New file create

Search for File

To search for a file click on the File Manager/Search icon

File Manager/Search icon

in the top menu

Top menu magnifier


select the File Manager tab in the menu on the left hand side of the screen.

File manager left menu

You now have two search options:

1.Type your search words (File number, First name, Last name, Birth year or National ID) in the Quick Search field

Quick search file manager

and click Enter


2.Click on the magnifier in the top menu of the File Manager

Magnifier File manager

Specify your preferred search parameters:

  • File kind
  • Gender
  • Incident and Owner
  • File status
  • Date periods
  • Physical
  • Hair colour
  • Specific details
  • Body


Then click Search (in green) at the bottom on the right hand side of the screen and your search results will be listed.

Edit File

To edit a file right-click on the file you want to edit in the File Manager and then click Open “File number”

Open file

Click on the pencil next to the information you want to edit


Edit file

Edit the relevant information and save the changes by clicking the Save changes icon in the top right side of the screen.

Save changes

Save changes menu

To print INTERPOL forms click on one of the Print forms icons in the top left menu of the File Manager

Print forms icons menu

You have the choice of

  • Print forms for selected files
  • Print empty forms or
  • Print numbered forms (numbering specified by you)