Event Logs

The system is using libraries from SeriLog to perform server-side logging within services.

Event logging is initialized as:

  Log.Logger = new LoggerConfiguration()
      .MinimumLevel.Override("Microsoft", LogEventLevel.Warning)
      .MinimumLevel.Override("Microsoft.Hosting.Lifetime", LogEventLevel.Information)
      .MinimumLevel.Override("System", LogEventLevel.Warning)
      .MinimumLevel.Override("Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication", LogEventLevel.Information)
          new RenderedCompactJsonFormatter(),
          fileSizeLimitBytes: 1_000_000,
          rollOnFileSizeLimit: true,
          shared: true,
          flushToDiskInterval: TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1)
      .WriteTo.EventLog("KMD "+logName, manageEventSource: true)

level is defined by the presence of an environment variable ‘LOG_LEVEL’. Default is INFORMATION.

‘LOG_LEVEL’ environment variable can be set to:

LOG_LEVEL Description
‘Verbose’ Anything and everything you might want to know about a running block of code.
‘Debug’ Internal system events that aren’t necessarily observable from the outside.
‘Information’ The lifeblood of operational intelligence - things happen.
‘Warning’ Service is degraded or endangered.
‘Error’ Functionality is unavailable, invariants are broken or data is lost.
‘Fatal’ System stopped.

logName is one of ‘Plass_Id_Data_Api’ or ‘Plass_Id_Identity

Events are written to three different sinks:

  1. Console
    Event data appears in the Windows Console through Standard Output. It will typically not be easily visible in production environments, details.

  2. File
    Event data are written to {System.IO.Path.GetTempPath()}/KmdDVITemp/logs/{logName}_Log.txt.
    The GetTempPath() result is typically related to the user executing the service, in case of the standard APP_POOL user, the logs are typically found at C:/Windows/Temp/KmdDVITemp/logs
    The log file is split every 1MB, starting a new log file adding the next number to the end of file name. You must keep the logs folder tidy yourself, details

  3. Windows EventLog
    Event data are written to the Windows Event Logging subsystem and can be found at: Windows Event Log