KMD PlassData 6 uses three different databases, and they may be placed on the same or different database server(s) depending on your available platform. The databases can be hosted on any Microsoft SQL Server 2018+ edition including Express for single-users, and the database definitions are also able to be deployed to an SQL Azure server if you deploy to an Azure cloud environment.


All data about files and organisation.


All user account and role definition details.


Status and history of scheduled jobs.

One API and all JOB servers must connect to the same PLASS_ID_JOBS database to be able to load-balance matches. Any match-request is placed in a PLASS_ID_JOBS queue and an available JOB server will pick up and perform the task after reading data from the API server.

In a later revision of the DVI System, file import, file export and forms printing will be executed by the Job-server as well.