Agency Management

One top-level Agency to be responsible for all data in a country.

To administer agencies select the Admin->Organization->Agencies tab in menu on the left hand side of the screen:


Then select which agency to administer:


Create agency

Click the + button to create a new agency.


Fill in the required fields

  • Code: maximum length is 4 characters
  • Name
  • Country
  • Default bucket: If you do not choose one of the default file number buckets from the dropdown list an auto-generated file number bucket will be added to the agency.

and click on “Save”.


NOTE: When creating the initial agency the Global System Administrator (sysadmin) must tick the Top level box, to mark this agency as Top level agency (agency with special privileges over other agencies in the country).
The country of the initial agency determines the country ownership of further agencies that this Toplevel Agency takes control of.


Edit agency

To edit an agency click on the Edit icon in the row of the agency to be edited:


Edit the required information and click on “Save”.


Delete agency

To delete an agency click on the Delete icon in the row of the agency to be edited:


and then click YES:


Export list of agencies

To export a list of your agencies to a file in .xlsx format click the Export all data button