File Number Bucket Management

File number bucket

V6 is highly configurable regarding numbering and using a “bucket” of numbers is one of the options set by operation. A file number bucket is a predefined group of file numbers to be used when creating a new file. If an administrator has defined a bucket of file numbers to be used when creating a new file, users cannot define their own file numbers, but must use (generate) a new file number from the predefined file number group (bucket) available.

To administer file number buckets select the Admin->Organization->File Number Buckets tab in menu on the left hand side of the screen:


Then select which agency to administer in the drop down box in the top left corner:


Create bucket

Click the + ADD NEW button to create a new file number bucket.


Fill in the required fields

  • Short Name: maximum length is 10 characters
  • Agency name
  • AM file numbering method
  • AM mask (e.g. AM”Countrycode”-0000)
  • PM file numbering method
  • PM mask (e.g. PM”Countrycode”-0000)
  • PUI file numbering method
  • PUI mask (e.g. PUI”Countrycode”-0000)


and click on “Save”.

NOTE: The creation of the bucket is leaving the bucket without any file numbers. To fill the bucket with file numbers see Fill Bucket.

File numbering methods

When creating/editing a file number bucket you can choose between 3 different file numbering methods:

  • Bucket
  • Mask (enforces user to use exactly this mask/file number structure)
  • Mask recommend (is a gentle recommendation to use this mask/file number structure when creating a new file)

Fill bucket

To fill a file number bucket with file numbers (if the bucket has just been created or all bucket file numbers have been used) click the FILL BUCKET button:


and then fill in

  • File kind
  • File kind prefix
  • Country dial code
  • Range start
  • Range stop
  • Minimum digits
  • Scene Reference


Click the green FILL BUCKET button to fill the bucket with the group of numbers just defined above and see a list of the file numbers now available in the bucket:


Edit bucket

To edit an file number bucket click on the Edit icon in the row of the file number bucket to be edited:


Edit the required information and click on “Save”.


Delete bucket

To delete a file number bucket click on the Delete icon in the row of the file number bucket to be edited:


and then click YES:


Export list of buckets

To export a list of your file number buckets to a file in .xlsx format click the Export all data button: